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  Tolerances for Manufacture Expanded Metal Cladding Panels and Assemblies


Tolerances for Manufacture Expanded Metal Panels for Cladding:
a) The following tolerances apply to each individual panel manufactured, assembled and ready for installation:
i) Expanded Metal Panel Length/ Width: Maximum allowed deviation of side length shall be 1.5mm up to
3000mm and 3.0mm above 3000mm of design dimension.
ii) Metal Panel Thickness/ Depth: Maximum allowed deviation is ±0.5mm. H31.2302 Tolerances for Component Assembly
a) Assembly: The physical fitting together of any assembly of sub-elements shall be properly
allowed for in the Detailed Design of the corresponding sub-elements.
b) Comply with the following tolerances during assembly of components:
i) Level of horizontal members: ±1mm from datum in any 1500mm non-cumulative. ii) Plumb of vertical members: ±1mm to the vertical in any 1500mm, non-cumulative.
iii) Squareness: Any diagonal length across the panel shall not deviate by more than the lesser of ±3mm or ±0.075% of design dimension.

Tolerance Checking:
iv) Bow: The centre section of the panel shall not bow by more than 0.5mm measured from a straight line between the ends of the panel.
v) Straightness: Any surface or edge shall not deviate by more than 0.5mm from a
2000mm straightedge placed upon it in a direction parallel to the long axis of the panel.
vi) Flatness: Any surface shall not deviate by 0.5mm from a straightedge placed against it in any direction.
vii) Twist: No section of the panel shall be twisted by more than 0.5° from the section at either end of the panel.
c) All finished metal surfaces shall be flat and free from undulations and irregularities. i) Twist: ±1.5mm - there shall be no warping of frame.
ii) Line of panel: ±2mm overall difference between adjacent standards. d) Tolerances shall not be cumulative.

Colour: Natural anodised to match accepted samples.
Lightning Protection and Earth Bonding
a) Bonding between the cladding and structural steelwork shall be carried out at intervals as indicated on the Design Drawings. The first level of bonding to the structural steelwork shall be at the highest floor level of each part of the building.
b) Provide studs/bolts on the cladding for subsequent connections to be made by the Lightning
Protection contractor.
c) All straps/connections shall be concealed.
d) No straps shall be fixed along copings.


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