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  Expanded Steel Mesh with Hot Dip Galvanized Finishes, For Safety Guarding and Fencing Uses


STEEL-MESH, EXPANDED, HOT DIP GALVANIZED FINISHING can be used as safety guards for fin fan coolers and various machines / equipment protection, also used as fences or partitions for isolation of certain spaces or areas.

Popular Size for Expanded Steel Mesh Fan Guards:
MESH SIZE : 85.85 MM. LWO (Long way opening) X 38.10 SWO (Short way opening).
Metal SHEET SIZE : 2440 MM. X 1830 MM.

Expanded Steel Sheets for Guarding Uses

The steel mesh safety fan guards play a role of protection as well as ventilation grille. The hot dip galvanized surface treatment gives a corrosion resistance protective layer to the expanded steel mesh. It is suitable to work in both indoor and outdoor environment.

General Technical Information:
Nominal sheet dimensions-inches:
1.All styles- Length of sheet :97"
2. All styles- Width of sheet:27:
Nominal weight of lath-- lbs/sqyd
Flat diamond expanded metal weight:2.5lb/sqyd
Permissible variations-Inches
1.Thickness:+/- 1/64"
2.Width:+/- 3/16"
4.Weight"+/- 10%

We offer three types of expanded steel-mesh: light type sheet, medium and heavy type expanded steel mesh sheet. We usually choose light type or medium type expanded steel mesh for fan cooler guards and equipment guards.

We also offer the following information:
1.      Mfr/Country of Origin
2.      Delivery Period
3.      Quote Validity
4.      If Ex-work, Volumetric Weight or Weight & Packing measurement.


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