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        Manufacturing has a long history .Expanded Metal Made in China .Streckgitter factory of the world.

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  Mini-Mesh Expanded Metal Foils

Expanded metals are replacements for woven, welded wire or perforated materials. Applications range from HVAC to high tech clean rooms. Mini-mesh expanded foils are a kind of light type expanded metal with precise opening and delicate processing for special applications.

Expanded metal foil is a unique material manufactured using expanding techniques and patented machinery. Aluminum mesh foil has been proven to perform in a diverse range of applications. The material is available as coils, cut to size sheets and formed bespoke components. Amongst its uses, aluminum foil is layered into filter panels to capture dust and grease for both internal and external air filtration.

As ISO9001: 2000 certified manufacturer of expanded metal foils, we are able to offer fine mesh expanded metal developed for high technology applications requiring close tolerances. Metals that can be produced in the form of mini-mesh foils include copper, aluminum, brass, nickel, steel, stainless steel & zinc.

Common sizes listed for precision mini-mesh expanded foils:





Expanded Aluminum Foil

0.04 to 0.3

0.8 X1

1 X1.5







Expanded Copper Foil

Expanded Nickel Foil

Expanded Titanium (Plate)

Expanded Lead (Plate)

Expanded Stainless Steel

Expanded Aluminum (Plate)



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