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  Performances of the Finished Expanded Metal Lath Cladding Panels


The finished Expanded Metal Lath Cladding Panels shall comply with the following specific performance requirements.

Structural Requirements for the Wall Cladding Panels and Roof Cladding Panels made of expanded metal:

We have a full understanding of the structural behaviour of the building and how it affects the works.
a) The works shall accommodate their own dead loading without causing deflections or movements which adversely affect the system itself or the supporting structure.
b) Provide dead loading calculations for the installed system. This shall be expressed as the weight in kN/m2, plus any other dead and imposed loadings transmitted to surrounding construction.

Specific Movements
a) The works shall withstand all movement of the structure under all design loads or combination of loads without damage or reduction in performance.
b) Expansion and movement joints shall accommodate the appropriate range of movement. H31.1404 Specific Live Loads
a) The works shall sustain safely, without reduction in performance and without permanent
deformation to any component, a static 500N load applied horizontally through a square of
100mm sides.
b) A horizontal line load applied to the works, due to the occupants, in accordance with BS
6180 and BS 6399: Part 1.
c) Roof areas shall be designed to accommodate platform and walkway floor loads in accordance with BS 6399: Part 3. Roof areas to be fully accessible for maintenance and cleaning.

Our expanded metal cladding panels are designed with certain wind pressures.

Deflections of Expanded Metal Wall and Roof Panels:
a) The maximum allowable deflection of any element of the works, when carrying full design loads, shall not exceed 15mm or 1/175 of their clear span in a direction normal to the plane of that element, whichever is the lesser value.
b) The works shall not deflect under loading in any way that is detrimental to any element of themselves or adjacent structural or building elements.
c) All components, couplings and fixings shall be capable of accommodating all of the above deflection without permanent distortion, deformation or failure.
d) The works shall accommodate differential structural movements arising from any loads imposed by adjacent structures.
e) The magnitude of the allowable deflections shall be reduced if they are detrimental to any part of the works, their support structure or internal finishes.

Thermal Movement
a) All components shall be designed to resist thermal movement resulting from the maximum and minimum surface temperature differentials occurring. The design shall cater for all temporary and permanent conditions envisaged for the works.
b) The works shall be capable of accommodating changes in dimension and shape of its components resulting from the varying surface temperatures without any reduction in the specified performance and appearance.
c) Thermal movement shall not result in audible noise.

Moisture Movement
The works shall withstand movement without permanent deformation or any reduction in the specified performance:
a) Due to changes in the moisture content of its components, resulting from variations in the moisture content of the air.
b) Due to the expansion of absorbed or retained moisture caused by freezing. H31.1409

Solar Performance Requirements
Exposure to sunlight during the service life of the works shall not result in degradation of
appearance or performance.

Specific Fire Performance Requirements
a) Elements of the works shall be either non-combustible or not easily ignitable with low flame spread characteristics, and shall not produce excessive quantities of smoke or toxic gases.
b) Surface spread of flame: All materials used internally and externally shall have a Class 0 surface spread of flame classification (unless otherwise specified) when tested in accordance with BS 476: Parts 6 and 7.

a) The performance criteria shall be satisfied for the full design life of the works, provided always that the maintenance has been carried out as specified.
b) Expanded Metal panels shall not suffer bowing, dimpling, oil canning, sagging, pillowing, rippling, warp, abrupt transitions and other visual deformation or irregularity.
Impact and Abrasion Resistance
a) The works shall resist abrasion from cleaning methods and maintenance systems without any noticeable change in surface appearance.
b) Impact tests shall be carried out on the works adjacent to pedestrian areas in accordance with the recommendations of BS 8200. Tests shall conform to category B requirements.
a) Elements of the works shall be individually and independently removable for maintenance and/or replacement of panels in the event of damage.
In general, the removal of panels shall not affect the performance or safety of any other part of the works.


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