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  Anodizing Finishes and Testing for the Anodized Expanded Metal


Anodizing Finishes should be done in accordance with certain standard about film thickness, coating, control limits. Cleaning frequency and repairing of damaged finishes.

Details as follow:

iv) For production control the film thickness of the anodising shall be determined in
accordance with BS EN ISO 2360. In the event of a dispute the referee test described
in BS EN ISO 1463 shall be carried out. The minimum local film thickness shall be 20
microns with a maximum of 35 microns.

v) Anodic oxidation coating shall be carried out by the sulphuric acid bath process. The
temperatures of the anodising bath and chemical content shall be set and maintained
to achieve good quality control of the finished product in accordance with BS 3987.

vi) Notwithstanding BS 3987 visible surfaces shall be free from coating or metallurgical
defects when viewed from 1 metre.

e) The temperatures of the anodising bath and chemical content shall be set and maintained to achieve good quality control of the finished product in accordance with BS 3987.

f) A quality control system for cleaning extrusion dies shall be adopted such that no lines appear on the face of the extrusions. As a minimum check every 5th extrusion.

g) Rejected anodised extrusions shall only be reprocessed once.

h) Anodised finishes shall be within the control limits (established from range samples) or standards accepted by the Client’s Representative.

i) The finish shall be agreed with the Client’s Representative from the range samples

j) The finish shall be sealed in accordance with BS 3987.

k) Finishes shall be tested to BS EN 12373: Part 8.

l) Variation of final surface finish shall be limited to tolerances agreed with the Client’s
Representative prior to commencement. If such variations do occur then such components
that, in the opinion of the Client’s Representative, fail to achieve a uniform final surface
finish shall be replaced by the Contractor at his own expense.

m) Lines produced at the location of die connection points shall only occur on non-visible
surfaces in the installed Works. The contact marks on sections resulting from electrical
connection shall not be on visible surfaces of the installed Works.

n) Cleaning Frequency: The normal cleaning frequency associated with the guarantees shall
be not less than 18 months, unless advised otherwise at the time of Tender.

o) Repair of damage: Surface areas likely to be damaged during handling, fixing or by other
building trades shall be fully protected until completion of all other work in the area of the
installation. If during fixing or glazing any damage does occur, this shall be rectified
immediately and not left until the end of the installation. Site rectification of damage shall
only be carried out with the Client’s Representative’s acceptance and shall carry a 25 year
guarantee for colour retention, avoidance of discolouration and corrosion resistance.

Finished Products Testing
a) The Client’s Representative shall commission an independent testing authority with the
Contractor responsible for all costs incurred. To gain acceptance of the finished products for
use, carry out a minimum of three independent acceptance inspections, sampling
procedures and plans, as set out in BS 6001: Part 1, for general inspection level 2. AQL
(Acceptable Quality Level) = 1% on each colour and finish used in the Works. These
inspections shall be carried out at the finishing plant prior to fabrication by a competent
independent inspector from one of the approved laboratories listed in the AASC technical
information sheet No. 8.

b) Where there is damage or the production test reports have not been provided, the Client’s
Representative shall commission an independent investigation of all finishes on Site-fixed
units with the Contractor being responsible for all costs in connection with such Site
inspections. This investigation shall be carried out within the guidelines of BS 6001: Part 2,
LQ (Limited Quality) (Pa = 10%) = 5%. For the purpose of this inspection each section in
the window curtain wall or other fabrication shall be taken as an individual component in
assessing the overall batch number to allow the consultant to certify that the completed

Contract complies with the Specification.

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